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Ragdoll Achievement 2 - Utilising excessive force from various weapons to be gratuitously violent to a ragdoll? Sign me up

And That's the Bottom Line

Let's be honest, we've all thought about doing to our most hated enemies what Stone Cold Steve Austin does to the haters on an almost daily basis, which is to open up a cold, fresh can of whoop-ass all over said haters. Sadly, according to the "law" and these things called "morals", cashing in the metaphorical can of whoop-ass for actual bodily harm really isn't a good idea. Apparently you can sometimes feel bad or even get punished by the law. So what kind of recourse does the average person - who incidentally has a fridge full of these cans of delicious, slow-brewed whoop-ass - have in order to make things right? Well, you could make your enemy a lovely cup of shut the hell up and force feed it to them, or you could simply exercise your right to indulge in your whimsically violent imagination  with the help of Ragdoll Achievement 2. It's like being rewarded for smashing up a human-shaped ragdoll as violently as possible. No wait, that's exactly what it is.

A Symphony in the Key of Violence

So you've chosen Ragdoll Achievement 2 as a substitute for actual bodily harm of your enemy: what can this flash-based game offer you that real-life violence cannot? Well, aside from avoiding any trouble with the law, it allows you to place a variety of weapons and items (which you unlock gradually) at different positions in an enclosed room, after which you can then press the "play" button to activate the simulated physics and set the doll - which is actually more like a crash-test dummy that is suspended in the air as you place your weapons and items - in motion. It sounds a little mild in nature I know, but mere description cannot really describe the quantity of sheer enjoyment you are almost definitely going to derive from this sequel to the comparatively basic original Ragdoll Achievement from which this fantastic sequel originates.

Though the name Ragdoll Achievement sounds fairly positive, even a little motivational, there's nothing good about being the ragdoll in this scenario. This doll is on the receiving end of being dropped onto landmines, flung about with various springboards,  shot at by crossbows, guns, and even rockets, as well as being teleported through portals and sawn up by circular saws and swinging axes. All of these items are placed about the room at your own discretion in whichever position you see fit. There are no wrong ways to do it; every way feels right when you're launching a ragdoll into a strip of mines attached to the wall.

Method to the Madness

This gameplay doesn't just revolve around the severe mistreatment (or correct utilisation if you're a glass-half-full kind of person) of a ragdoll. Oh no, it's much more than that: it's about the severe mistreatment of a ragdoll for monetary gain. There's actually a purpose to the violence you see; we're not just violent things doing all of this for free. More like mercenaries doing a destructive job in return for cash. That makes it much better. I think. Or infinitely more fun, anyhow.

 Each time you hit a new achievement - this could include any of the pre-set goals such as using two crossbows and various weapons combinations as well as upgrading different items - you are given a little cash that can be spent on buying more items to place around the room. New weapons are unlocked by filling up the damage meter that stretches across the top of the screen. You can also earn upgrade points that you can use to make more deadly your arsenal of weapons.

Murdering  to Muzak

Though there's not much more to the gameplay than trying to best your previous damage record by changing the placement of the weapons, this is the game's main strength. Though it's a very simply idea, you actually get to be quite creative with your killing: building ridiculous contraptions with circular saws acting like conveyor belts; mines acting as springboards to supplement the actual springboards you can use; rocket launchers proving that in spite of the proverb, you most certainly use a cannon to kill a mosquito (you've got a homing-missile launcher; who's going to argue with you?); there are even teleportation points to bring the brutality into the realms of sci-fi and indeed up to speed with more modern ways of killin'.

Downsides you say? Downsides? To a game that lets you play out your violent fantasies using an arsenal of cool weapons and items as well as utilising the in-game physics? Well, you'll be doing your killing with weird, almost elevator music-like tunes in the background, though you can just press the mute button if this bothers you. This minor negative can't affect the enjoyment of Pegas Games' masterpiece of a sequel; it's even got a sandbox mode, for god's sake! Ragdoll Achievement 2 won't just entertain either:  it may very well be the virtual stress ball that prevents real-life violence and murder. Now how can games like Mutilate a Doll or Stair Dismount (available for Android and iOS) compete with that?