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Ragdoll Achievement 2

Ragdoll Achievement 2 game

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It's difficult to be descriptive of a game whose title tells you almost everything you need to know about it. Pegas Games' Ragdoll Achievement 2 is exactly that: a sequel in a series that specialises in allowing you to (among others) absolutely batter, break, launch, shoot, teleport, landmine, and circular saw the absolute non-living daylights out of a ragdoll. Set some mines, a few springboards, and a few crossbow sentries, press play , and let the carnage begin. It would be cruel if it weren't so ridiculously addictive and entirely fictional.

Ragdoll Cannon 4

Ragdoll Cannon 4 game

Ever wanted to fire someone out of a cannon, whether it be yourself or someone that you simply can't stand the sight of? Ragdoll Cannon 4 is the next best thing which allows you to do this without incurring any legal charges for assault or GBH. The beautifully-blueprinted aesthetic is back for another puzzling, physics-adhering session of ragdoll-firing, contraption utilising, improvement-laden fun.

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